Moto G60 Review with Pros and Cons
Moto G60 Review with Pros and Cons

Hello, friend again we are here with another smartphone review. In this article, You will get a full in-depth review of Moto G60 with Pros and Cons. Moto G60 is very much similar to the Moto G40 fusion except for its rear camera( Moto G60 has 108 MP and Moto G40 have 64 MP) and Moto G60 has NFC and Moto G40 does not. Apart from that both of these phones are the same. So you can consider this review for Moto G40 as well.
I divide the review into three major parts, and at the end, I will also give my verdict about the phone.
Let us divide the article into the Pros and Cons of Moto G60.  First I will discuss the pros and then I will move to the Cons part.

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Final Verdict

I was just sick of those other UIs loaded with ads and bloatware even though they have better hardware and I think I have made a good choice here as stock android is amazing. Worth every penny. Its sleek design and it’s not that heavy as it seems.. camera, battery, screen everything is top-notch it has a front flash.

Let’s divide the Review Of Moto G60 into three major categories, and in each category, I will tell you about the Pros And Cons of Moto G60.

  • Moto G60 software & specifications.
  • Moto G60 cameras.
  • Moto G60 battery life & performance.

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Pros And Cons Of Moto G60

Pros and cons Of Moto G60 at a glance.


  • Stock Android
  • Fantastic Battery Life
  • Motos gestures are fun to use
  • Great Camera.
  • The refresh rate of 120Hz can drain the battery a bit but the experience is very fluid and smooth


  • Bulky and unwieldy
  • Relatively slow charging

Moto G60 price and specs in India

Moto G60 price and specs in India
Moto G60 price and specs in India

Review Of Moto G60 Display, software & specifications

  • Moto G60 is a big phone, it has a full HD+ plus display and 120 Hz refresh rate. By default, the refresh rate is set to auto but you can change it to 120 Hz. Till now it has the best display in Moto G series phones. It has IPS LCD, not an AMOLED one, but I must say it has a good quality screen.
  • The next thing I want to discuss is its processor and regular usage. I am not a gamer but I did some gaming on this device. I Play Call Of Duty and Top War Battel Game. I played games continuously for almost 2-3 hours and did not find any heating issue. It does get warm a bit, but it is not hot. So I am ok with it.
  • The next good thing about these phones is their cellular call quality. I used Jio and BSNL and I must say the earpiece quality and network reception are exceptionally good in Moto G60. Even for the long call, I do not face any issue with the proximity sensor or any other network issues.
  • Lastly, I want to discuss UI, Motola does not make any changes in the UI. SO you get a clean UI experience, Apart from some moto apps it does not have any other bloatware installed in it. Even these apps can be uninstalled very easily.
  • Also, You get dual-band Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth 5, dual 4G VoLTE, and six navigation systems. Motorola also claimed to provide business-grade security with its ThinkShield protection.


  • Big FHD+ screen with 120 Hz refresh rate.
  • Almost stock Android Experience Clean and Bloatware free UI.
  • Great RAM management.


  • The only thing I notice while playing games continuously, then it gets a little warmer.

Moto G60 Camera Review

I have divided the Moto g60 camera review into two parts. In the first part, all the photos are taken in broad daylight. In the second part, I have photos taken in night mode.

Photos Of With Moto G60 In Day Light

Photos Of Moto G60 With Night Mode

  • Currently, Moto G60 is the only phone that has a 108 MP camera. It has three cameras on the rear side, One 108 MP Camera as the primary camera, with 8MP Ultra-Wide camera and a depth sensor. The camera app is simple and user friendly..
  • The Ultra-Wide camera is also capable of macro photography. Scene detection was fast and the UI suggested different modes based on the scene.
  • Daylight photos taken with the Moto G60 Camera had great details. Colors appeared acccurate and I did not find any issue in sharpness.
  • Shots taken with the ultra-wide camera have a wider field of view but sometime they are slightly distorted on the sides. Photos taken with the ultra-wide camera were not as good as the primary camera.
  • Close-ups on Motorola G60 Camera were better, and the phone managed sharp results with accurate colors and good details. Portrait shots had good edge detection, and the Moto G60 lets you set the level of blur before you take a shot. The Moto G60 captures 8-megapixel macros, and these had good detail, plus the relatively high resolution makes it easy to crop if required.
  • Night vision on Motorola G60 Camera performs exceptional. Photos taken in very low also very good.
  • Overall the cameras performs reaaly good.

Pros And Cons of moto g60 Camera


  • High resolution 108 MP rear camera.
  • Color reproduction and detailed capturing is great
  • Macro Cameras are very sharp and fast.
  • Night mode can capture great images, even in very low lighting conditions.
  • UI is simple and user-friendly.
  • Highest resolution camera in this price range.


  • The front camera is not as good compared to other 32 Mp cameras in the market.
  • In night mode some time it takes a bit of time to focus on.
  • Sometimes photos taken with ultra-wide cameras can be distorted.

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Review Of Moto G60 Battery Life And Performance

The big 6,000 mAh battery is quite capable of lasting for over a day without any issues. However, it only posted average numbers in our HD video loop test. The Moto G60 managed 14 hours and 45 minutes, which is significantly lower than the 26 hour time that the Realme 8 Pro managed.
Charging is slower too. The bundled 20W charger got the smartphone to 29 percent in 30 minutes and 53 percent in an hour, in my tests. Charging it completely took over two hours.

Pros And Cons of moto g60 Battery


  • Big 6000 mah battery.
  • Last almost 1.5 – 2 days.


  • Very slow charging

My Experience With Moto G60

I am using this phone for almost 1 month and it is working awesomely for me. The camera quality is great, even in the low light conditions, I found it works great. Also, I used the screen with a 120 Hz setting. I must say the experience was smooth.
With 6GB of RAM, this phone can handle almost every game like Warpath, Call of Duty, Pacific Fire. However, I am not a game lover, still, I can say it will work with almost every game.
Lastly, I want to give Motorola a big salute for its battery performance. With one charge this phone can serve you for two full days. Even with heavy gaming, its battery will easily last one day.


Motorola has been aggressive with the Moto G60, and the Rs. 17,999 price matches that of the Realme 8 Pro. While there have been compromises to get to this price point, Motorola hasn’t cut corners significantly in terms of performance or the software experience. The Moto G60 is more powerful than the Realme 8 Pro and offers a better user experience.
You can buy Moto G60 From Flipkart in India.

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