4th Generation Echo Speakers
4th Generation Echo Speakers

Amazon unveiled new 4th generation echo speakers that can actually move and they can look at you as well. The company announced several new echo devices on Thursday at a virtual event. According to the company there are some big changes coming. The new smart speakers are shaped like spares, So goodbye cylinder shape. The 4th generation echo, echo dot and also echo dot with clock put the alexa inside the box. They even release cute animal faces Echo Dot Kids speakers for children. Also the company announced that all the echo devices will be made with recycled materials.

Amazon 4th Generation Echo Show

The echo show, the device with the screen. Now the new echo show can follow you. I mean literally they can follow you during video calls.
This device has a 10 inch display and 10 MP camera with 2.1 audio system. Now it’s auto framing technology can always keep you in the center of the frame. According to the company it does not recognize specific faces but it can detect general human shape. So amazon uses it and also uses audio for location tracking to keep you center of the frame.

This new echo show can also be used as a robotic guard dog. You can keep the cameras open to detect any human activity in your room,when you are not there. The cost of this new 4th Generation Echo Show will be around $249.

This device will be compatible with Zoom or skype call or amazon group call.

Other 4th Generation Echo Speakers

The 4th generation echo will cost you  almost $100 and you can buy it in three colors, Charcoal, White and Violet blue.These speakers are more advanced than previous ones. These new speakers can adapt your room and fine tune the audio according to your room. These new speakers have 3 inch neodymium woofers, also it has 0.8 inch tweeters. These also include dolby audio processing.

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Amazon Echo Device Prices In India,Release Date, availability

Product NamePriceRelease Date(India)Link
Echo Dot (4th Gen)₹ 4,499 / ₹4,4200October 26, 2020Click Here(India) / USA(Others)
Echo (4th Gen)₹ 9,999 / ₹4,420October 26, 2020Click Here(India) / USA(Others)
Echo Dot (4th Gen) Wth Cock₹ 5,499 / ₹4,420October 26, 2020Click Here(India) / USA(Others)
Echo Dot Kids Edition$59.99 / ₹4,420 USA(Others)

All new echo devices is currently listed for pre-orders. You can buy them from amazon.in or amazon.com. All new echo devices cost almost same as last year. However Echo dot kids editions may not arrived in India, It will only released on US. You can buy it from amzon.com.


All new devices have more advance AI technology so that you have better user experience. Also, this time Aamzon provides a dedicated button to mute your alexa device. So you can mute it when you no longer need it. Sound quality on these devices should be good as their previous versions. Also it not too expensive. So if you want smart assistant for you home or just a good speaker ,then these devices can fulfill all you needs.

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