Moto G 5G cheapest 5G smartphone
Moto G 5G cheapest 5G smartphone

Motorola one of the leading mobile brands around the world just launched its Moto G 5G cheapest 5G smartphone in India under the 25000 price point. 5G is going to be a reality in near future. So if you want to be future-ready, then you may like this cheap but powerful device from Motorola. However, that does not mean that you are getting the 5G facilities with the 4G network. It simply means that it is only your mobile that improves but the network you are using that remains the same. I hope within 1 year cheap 5g phones are going to be a new reality of the smartphone market.
I would like to take this opportunity to give you some quick info about 5G networks. So that you can understand what you should expect from a 5G network.

What is 5G?

5G is a fifth-generation mobile network that should improve the latency, enable networks to connect with more devices, increase reliability and connectivity of the mobile networks. So the mobile networks can supports more devices within a particular area and of course, you will get better speed and connectivity with 5G.

How 5G is Better Than 4G?

5G is better than 4G in every way. Let me give you a quick list So that you get a better understanding.

 5G is way faster than the currently used 4G network

In current 4G networks, the data transfer speed varies between 5-12 GBPS, but after the implementation of 5G, it should increase up to 20 GBPS. So the user experience will improve a lot.

5G has more capacity than 4G

You may wonder what I mean by the above statement? Right? Let me explain this with an example, have you ever notice that when we go to a stadium or someplace where a lot of people gather in a small area, then your mobile network data get disconnected frequently, also when you are able to connect you may not get the expected speed. Ever wonder why this happens? This is because our current 4G networks can handle that many devices at once, and 5G should improve this condition. As it can more capacity to connect more devices actually 10X more devices than the 4G.  

5G has significantly lower latency than 4G

Latency means the dealy before starting a data transfer from Point A to Point B. Lower latency means higher user experience and less lag in the network. In 4G it has a latency of 40 milliseconds, and with 5G it should be as low as 1 millisecond, though the current 5G networks are not that much capable still they are far better than 4G.  
Understanding the whole concept of 5G in this small space is not possible, but I hope at least you get some idea about the network, and what you should expect from a 5g network.

cheapest smartphone

Moto G 5G – Cheapest 5G Phone In India

Now let’s talk about our main attraction Moto G 5G, arguably the cheapest smartphone currently available in India. If we can keep aside its 5G features for a sec, still we are having a good quality powerful mid-range smartphone. In November Motorola first launched this phone for the European market. Now it available in India as well. The phone will be available exclusively on Flipkart, I will leave the link at the bottom of the page. Currently, The price of this phone is 21k in India. I do not have the phone in my hand, So everything I write here is based on the specification declared by the company itself.

Motorola Moto G 5G

Specification Of Moto G 5G At A Glance

ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 750G Processor
Resolution1080×2400 pixels
Battery capacity5000 mAh
Front Camera16 MP
Rear Camera 48MP + 8MP + 2MP

Overall Specifications 

On paper the phone’s specs are really good for the 21000 price point, The phone will be available on Flipkart from 6th of Dec, 2020. 
Moto G 5G comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor, which is a very much capable processor and can handle gaming as well.
On the camera end, it has a three-camera setup on the backside of the phone( 48MP + 8MP + 2MP ) and 16 MP as the front camera.  The camera comes with Night Vision technology on both sides.
The screen size of the Moto G 5G is 6.70 inch, also it has a massive 5000 mAh battery backup.
So overall it should be a good phone, you should get an overall good experience on this phone. Of course, you have the 5G connectivity on this one but in India, you may not need this right now, but surely you will get it within a year or two.

Some FAQ On Moto G 5G

Does MotoG 5G support dual-band connectivity?

Yes, Moto G 5G supports dual-band.

Which one is the cheapest 5G smartphone phone in India?

Moto G 5G, is the cheapest 5G phone currently available in India.

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The released date of  MotoG 5Gin India?

The phone itself is already launched in India but you can buy it from the 6th of Dec, 2020 from Flipkart.

Does MotoG 5G supports MIMO and Carrier aggregation?


What is the price of Moto G 5G in India?

₹20,999 is the exact price of Moto G 5G(Price may change in future).

Will 5g work on 4g phones?

No, but 4G will work on 5G phones.


With the 5G technology, everything with mobile networks will be going to improve. In this article, I try to give every-important aspect that you need to know before you actually buy these phones. Also, I try to keep the explanation of  5G as small as possible at the same time you should understand the basic. If you like this article I request you to please share this article to share on your social platform.

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