Top 12 Hidden MIUI 12 Features
Top 12 Hidden MIUI 12 Features

Over the years Xiaomi produces various powerful and budget-friendly devices. To increase the user experience they use the customized Android OS, name MIUI. Xiaomi regularly updates its MIUI OS, to improve the performance of the devices. This time Xiaomi launched its MIUI 12, this new update not only increases the overall user experience but also changes the looks and feel of the device.
In this article, I am going to write about the 12 cool MIUI 12 features offers. If you already have these updates on your phone then you will love it.

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List Of MIUI 12 Feature

On this section I will list our top 12 MIUI 12 features.

Virtual Identity: Protect Your Virtual Identity With MIUI 12

MIUI 12 Features
MIUI 12 Features

With MIUI 12, you will get a new Virtual ID feature, this Virtual ID will protect your virtual identity. Virtual Id will allow you to defend your virtual identity for any website or app. You can replace your actual identity with a completely new identity.
This will give you an option to choose what data you want to share with apps or websites. You can use Virtual ID with an account, that account can be used as an alternative to Facebook or Gmail. 

Ultra Battery Saver Mode

MIUI 12, will increase your battery life. But this is not the end, with MIUI 12 you get a completely new feature called Ultra battery Saver Mode.
In this mode only some selected apps will be available, all other apps will not be available on this mode. According to Xiaomi, with Ultra battery Saver Mode you will get additional 5 hours of battery life.

Digital Well Being

Xiaomi added an interesting new feature Digital Well Being. This will help you to identify those apps or websites on which you spend most of your time. Also, you can setup Focus mode or Bedtime Mode, as you wish.
You can disable those apps or websites, that you think will distract you. 

Parental Control

This is a much-awaited feature, you set up which app or website your child can access. Also, you can block those apps which you think your child should not be used.

Screen Usage & Stats Fetaure Of MIUI 12

MIUI 12 provides a brand new Screen Usage & Stats feature that will show you the exact screen time Also, on the digital well-being dashboard you can see the exact timing of your screen usage.

Text Recognition Feature: Capture Text From Photos On MIUI 12

MIUI 12, comes with another brand new feature Optical Character Reader or Optical Character Recognition(OCR). With this update now your phone can obtain any text from any photo. Also, you can transfer any text into an image with your MI Phone.
Though there is plenty of third-party apps available on the play store for this functionality, But now you can do it without using any third-party app. 

Dark Mode 2.0

Yes, I know dark mode is already available on your phone. But the new Dark Mode 2.0 comes with various new features. This new Dark Mode 2.0 have smart wallpapers, dynamic font adjustments, all these new features will increase your overall user experience, especially on low light condition. 
Also, now you can enable dark mode to those apps which generally not available for dark mode. For example Flipkart.

MIUI 12 New Control Center

MIUI 12 completely changes your previous control panel, now it looks more beautiful and trendy.  By swapping from the left top corner of your phone you can view your notifications, and from the top right side, you can view your control center.

Interactive wallpapers

With MIUI 12 update, Xiaomi introduces various new wallpapers and themes. Xiaomi named them super wallpaper. These new wallpapers are vibrant and beautiful.

New About Phone Section

MIUI 12 introduces a totally new “about phone” section, Now the “About Phone” section of the phone will look extra elegant.

Camera Improvement

New MIUI 12 boost your camera performance to a new level. They optimized the camera software to capture the most suitable image for you.

Universal Casting Tool

Last but not least, using these new Universal Casting Tool now you can quickly cast anything from your phone to a big screen. This casting tool also comes with a sub tool called Private Casting.
The feature also comes with a sub-tool called private casting. By using this private casting feature you can receive calls or messages without any interference.

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