5 Mistakes That You Should Avoid Before Buying Any Laptop
5 Mistakes That You Should Avoid Before Buying Any Laptop

Buying a laptop is always a big decision for us. You may have many smartphones but most of us do not have more than two laptops. Also, most of us buy a new phone now and then. But when it comes to the laptop we always prefer to use it for at least 4-5 years and if possible more than that. So we should be very careful while choosing our laptop. In a previous article, we cover How we should buy our new laptop? , in this article, we cover everything that you should do before buying any laptop. But today in this article we are going to point out the most common mistakes that you should avoid before buying any laptop. 

Why You Need A Laptop?

We need a laptop for mainly three purposes. Firstly you may need a laptop for normal usage like browsing, watching some videos, or listening to music. Secondly, some students may do some programming or use MS Office and thirdly employees of various companies. 

1st Mistake

Everybody knows the more you pay the more specification you get. But do you know? that except gamers none of these three categories of users need a laptop with a graphic card. You need a graphic card only if you play a lot of games or edit videos, in simple words if you do something related to graphics then only you need a graphic card. Otherwise, save your money on the graphic card and buy a good processor.
Now let me ask you a question CPU or GPU Which Is More Important for you? To answer the above question, If you are a video editor, then CPU is more important for you but if you are a gamer, then GPU is more important for you.
For other users, the CPU is always more important. CPU is the actual brain of your computer. So if you have a good brain then obviously, you can process more easily.
So don’t make the silly mistake to buy a laptop with a graphic card while your actual need is a good CPU. Consider all these things mentioned here, before buying your laptop or computer. 

2nd Mistake

To understand the second mistake let me give you an example, all of you know Intel Core i7 – 1067 G7 processor. In this example, Intel is the brand name Core i is the series name, and generally, 10 means 10th generation. These are the high-end laptops, generally, they do not care about the battery power. So if you want a laptop for your work while you traveling you should not buy these laptops. Also, for normal usage, you do not need that much power. These high-end laptops obviously can do any of your work but if you do not need that power then why paying more?

3rd Mistake

Some of the pro-level users also make this mistake. They choose a laptop the way they choose a smartphone. Choosing a laptop by its look is the third and worst mistake that many of us made while buying a laptop.
Buying a laptop with good looks is ok but ignore the configuration over design and looks is not ok. Don’t waste your money on fancy specs that you are never going to use in the future. Like touchscreen, 360 degrees titled, finger sprint scanner these are the unnecessary specs that look cool but useless. But all these specs surely increase your budget.
You should remember that the world of the smartphone is different from the world of laptops. Instead of wasting your money on these useless specs use that money on RAM or Processor.
If you want a touchscreen, then buy an iPad. It is a powerful device, it can also perform various works like laptops. Also, it is more portable than a laptop. 

4th Mistake

The next mistake many of us made while choosing RAM capacity for laptops. You may hear that more RAM means more speed or DDR4/DDR3. But you may ignore the most important part that is written with the small letters that the speed of the RAM(Ex: 3200 MHz). So a 16 GB RAM with 2600 Mhz may work slowly in comparison to a 16 GB RAM with 3200 Mhz. So while buying a laptop don’t go for a laptop just because it has DDR4 RAM instead go for the one which has more speed (MHz).
This same logic goes for the HDDs and SSDs as well. In the case of HDD/SSD, you should watch for the RPM the more RPM it has the more speed you get.

5th Mistake

Lack of research is the last mistake that you should avoid. Laptops are not the smartphone that you can buy and after one year you will sell the old one and buy a new one again. Please gather as much knowledge as possible. Read as many articles as possible, set your budget, and then search according. Watch youtube reviews and most importantly read every review in every e-commerce platform.


Buying a laptop is a very difficult process. But in this article, I try to warn you about the mistakes that you may make. Also, you can read the other articles on this website for a more clear picture.

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