Apple announced its new range of Apple MacBook Air and MacBook pro with its all-new M1 chip. This new M1 chip allegedly 5X faster than any other processor in the market. Apple claimed this is the best single thread CPU that we currently have and Apple also claimed the same for the GPU.
This will be Apple’s first MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Apple’s CPU chip. These new Macbooks will be launched next year. If these claims made by Apple are true, then it will open a new era for chip manufacturing and development. All these claims are huge and I am very excited about the new Apple Macbook laptops. If possible we will try to write a complete review on these laptops.

Apple MacBook With 5X Faster M1 Chip
Apple MacBook With 5X Faster M1 Chip

M1 Chip Details Specification

Usually, chips are made either by Intel or AMD, even Apple buy its chips from Intel. Also, the graphic card was manufactured by only three company Intel, AMD, and Nvidia. Now Apple has announced that it will be creating its chips for its laptops. But nobody expects them to create a chip that is 5x faster than any other laptop chip. This M1 chip integrates CPU, Neural Engine, I/O, GPU, and so much more onto a small single chip. According to the company, this is the world’s smallest angle thread chip. Before digging deep into the specifications and performance. Let us first discuss what will be changed after the release of this new chip.

What Will Chang With This New M1 Chip?

All apps that run on IOS devices can now be run on Macbooks. Then Face id, security, and many other small improvements can be seen with this M1 chip. The main difference between the M1 chip and other chips are M1 chips is a SOC. 

Difference Between SOC and Normal Processor

To understand the difference between a SOC and a processor, first, you need to know what is a SOC.

What Is A SOC(Single System On A Chip) Chip?

SOC stands for a single system on a chip. That means, all components of a laptop such as RAM, Graphics card, processor, and other various small components. All are integrated into a single chip.

  • This architect saves a lot of physical space and memory, and also improve battery life and overall performance. This SOC will also solve the heating problem of the laptops. This architecture mainly used on mobile phones but all these things are going to implement into the Macbook in a big way.
  • On a normal computer, we have RAM, Processor, Graphics card, and various I/O chip. All these different components need their own memory space. So when a component needs to talk with other components, they transfer to other memories. This type of architecture needs more physical as well as memory space.  

 Let us not go deeper into the technical aspects, lets just come to the main point of our article. To overcome these problems Apple comes with a new revolutionary new chip, they named it the M1 chip.

Apple MacBook With 5X Faster M1 Chip
Apple MacBook With 5X Faster M1 Chip

M1 Chip Specification

  • Apple’s new chip was named an M1 chip. It has 8 core CPU and another 8 core GPU. 
  • This powerful CPU can execute 1 trillion operations /second and can go up to 11 trillion operations /second. Apple claims that this new CPU is 3-4 times more powerful than its previous CPU and GPU is 6 times more powerful. These claims are ridiculously huge and next to impossible improvements. Normally 5-10% increment in performance means a huge improvement in CPU performance. But 3X to 4X more power is true, then this will be a huge achievement for Apple and open a new era for other CPU manufacturers.
  • From a security perspective, this chip will be going to improve the security of your personal computer. As claimed by the company it will become the most secure personal computer of today.
  • The next big thing that is going to change with this chip is battery life. This single thread architecture will increase the battery life to the next level. The battery and the heating problem of laptops are going to be a thing of the past.
  • This new M1 chip will close the gap between IOS devices and Apple laptops. With the induction of these chips into the laptop, they are enabling the mobile app to run on the laptops.

Now let us understand what is going to be changed in MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with the new M1 chip.

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MacBook Air

I am not going to specify all the specs of MacBook Air, we all know that. I going to point out only the changes.

The MacBook Air is almost the same as the old MacBook Air. Both the devices look the same from the outside, but from the inside, they are completely different. In the new MacBook Air, you will get the 5X more powerful CPU and 3.5X more powerful GPU. Also, you will get 2X better SSD with new MacBook Air devices. All these big numbers will also complement each other and together they will increase the performance even more. Another thing is, Apple is going to remove the fan from the new MacBook Air devices. So you will get a more silent MacBook Air device. This is a very big step for any laptop, this step to remove fans not only reduce the noise but also saves a lot of space. The best about these laptops is Apple decided to keep them at the same price. 

MacBook Air Price In India

The MacBook Air starts from ₹93k in India for the basic version and goes up to ₹1laks rupes for upper versions.

MacBook Air Price In Other Countries

New MacBook Air starts from $999.00 in the USA for the basic version and goes up to $1,249.00  for upper versions.

MAC Mini

Apple also introduces this new chip to its MAC Minis. Basically MAC Mini is a small CPU, which you can connect to any monitor and make it an Apple computer. Also, the price of the MAC Mini is a little lesser than actual apple computers. This small computer is actually a computer from Apple but more budget-friendly. This new M1 chip increases the CPU by 3x and 6X more powerful graphic performance. You can get 6k video output as well and machine learning performance is also 16X faster than previous versions. 

Just like Macbook Air, Mac Mini is also the same from the outside as Macbook Air but the interior is completely changed. So you will get a huge performance boost if you go from old to new Mac Mini.

MAC Mini Price In India

MacBook Air starts from ₹65k in India for the basic version and goes up to ₹85k rupes for upper versions.

MAC Mini Price In Other Countries

MacBook Air starts from $699.00 in the USA for the basic version and goes up to $899.00  for upper versions.

MacBook Pro 13 Inch

Apple also introduces these chips into its new 13 inch MacBook Pro devices. You will get a 2.8X faster CPU. You must remember here we are talking about a pro-grade laptop that is already ahead of its competitor. This laptop is already first on the race and it introduces with 5X better graphics and 2.8X better CPU. These improvements not only make this laptop ahead of any other laptop but also the only laptop in its class. This new MacBook Pro has cooling fans but the battery life is doubled in this new version. So now your laptop can literally run a whole working day(8 hours) without any charging, which in opinion is a very big thing for any laptop of this size.

MacBook Pro Price In India

All new MacBook Pro starts from ₹1.22 lakhs in India for the basic version and goes up to ₹1.43 lakhs rupees for upper versions.

MacBook Pro Price In Other Countries

MacBook Pro starts from $1199 .00 in the USA for the basic version and goes up to $1,499.00  for upper versions.

Apple also introduces a new feature called Security Enclave for all of its new devices. This new feature increases the overall security of these devices. Also, it will the data privacy of these devices. When you buy Macbook Pro or Air you should get some discount, also Apple gives you software worth 50-60k for free( Final Cut Pro, Motion5, Compressor 4, etc). You will get free lifetime subscriptions for all these softeares. So these products will be a gem for content creators also the coders will love these products for its speed.

Our Opinion

All the information we are talking about in this article are claimes of Apple. We do not know how they do that or actually these claims are correct or not. We are definitely interested in testing these new devices. 

I notice a funny thing that Apple says so many things about, how much performance will increase everything. But Apple did not say a single word about the CPU working, neither they talk about gigahertz nor the megahertz, also they did not say anything about cache on these chips. We know nothing, we only know that this chip is faster than any other chip. Typical Apple attitude they do not tell you anything about their product if you want the speed either you buy Apple product or buy any other laptop. They are not going to give you any info. 
Lastly, I want to mention that, Apple improves everything but they forgot to improve the webcam. I failed to understand why the camera quality of these high priced Apple laptops is so poor. 

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After a long time, Apple actually declared something new. If their claims are true these devices will be a game-changer. But we need to wait to verify the claims by Apple about MacBook With 5X Faster M1 Chip.

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