Is Fast Charging Bad For Battery
Is Fast Charging Bad For Battery

There was a time when phones used to run 7-8 days with a single charge and sometimes it can run up to 10-14 days. But now most of our phones have 3000 mah battery. Still, the actual battery life is only 6-8 hours under heavy usage and one day under normal usage or battery saver application.
But charging these batteries is really a pain in the ass. They usually take almost 5-6 hours to make it fully charged. A Fast Charger can do the same task in only 1-2 hours.  Now the question is, Is Fast Charging Bad For Battery?. Let us find the answer together.

Is Fast Charging Bad For Battery?

If you use good quality fast charger then it should not cause any problem with your phone battery. But you should be careful about heating. Always buy fast chargers from reputed brands.

What is the battery?

To understand the topic better the first thing we need to understand is batteries. A  battery is a device that stores electricity in chemical forms and converts that chemical energy to electric energy.
In any battery, the electrons travel from the positive side to the negative side, and when all the electrons are empty, the battery becomes dead.

How Do Rechargeable Batteries Work?

As we mentioned earlier normal batteries are useless after all of their electron travels from the positive to the negative side. But in rechargeable batteries, you can reverse the re-enforce the electrons within the battery and the battery will work again. To do this we need a charger, in the next section, we will learn about chargers.

This is the simplest explanation for batteries and rechargeable batteries. If you want more information you can visit Our phone batteries fall in the second category.

What Is Charger?

A charger is a tool that we used to store electricity into a  rechargeable battery or secondary cell by applying an electric current to it.
There are several types of chargers available, but for this article, we will consider only the phone charger. 

How Does A Charger work?

All charger does the same thing, they simply put some electric current into the batties, that restores the electrons to the positive side of the batteries.  Basically, they reverse the chemical reaction of the batteries and recharged them with electrons.
The general rule is, never overcharge or undercharge your battery, in both cases, it will harm your battery in long term. Overcharging is worst than undercharging, So with overcharging your batteries will die quickly.

How Does Fast Charger Work?

A fast charger will do the exact thing as the normal charger, But they do it a lot faster and also they need more power to do that. Fast charging is the current trend and almost every premium and some of the mid-range phone also supports fast charging.
Fast Chargers are a very useful tool if you are in a hurry, they take ⅓ of the normal charging timings. So yes, they are helpful, they save a lot of time. But are they safe?

Is Fast Charging Bad For Battery?

As I mention earlier when we charged our phone with a fast charger it will save time and make the charging process a lot faster. But the fundamental question is, Is it safe or not? or Is Fast Charging Bad For Battery ?.
Technically it should be safe if your battery does not have other issues.
But fast charging causes heat, and heating is weakening your battery over time. So yes they fast charging can damage your phone. Not the charging itself but the heat generated by the charging process will damage your batteries.

How Companies Solve The Issue?

Fast Charging works in two phases, In the first phase, they changed the battery from 0%-50% or 70% with the extra current. Then they slow down the whole process in the second phase, else it will damage your battery.

FAQ On Charging

Can Mismatched Chargers Or Cables harm your battery?

No” – a mismatched cable or charger can never harm your battery, unless and until the charger or cable itself is damaged. However, a mismatched charger or cable may hamper your phone’s fast charging capacitates. To use your phone’s fast charging capabilities to their fullest you should user chargers or cable that is compatible with your phone.

How can We Conserve Our Phone’s Battery Power?

Whatever you have done you can only increase your battery life to 2-3 hours max. You can use your battery saving mode, or turning off your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when not using them, Also, you can turn off location tracking or any app that uses data services in the background, reduce the brightness label.

Is Fast charging better than normal?

Normal charging or slow charging charge your phone with adequate electricity, but with fast charging your phone charger provides more electricity to your phone than it needed.
So both of these charging mechanisms are good, the only advantage with fast charging is, it saves your time.

When You should Charge Your Phone ?

You should not drain your batter % to zero(0). You should charge your phone when it is drain to 30%-40% .

Should You Turn Off Fast Charging?

NO why should you disable such a useful feature of your phone. But in any case, if you still want to disable fast charging then you can do that from the Settings » Battery menu on your Samsung device if it’s running Marshmallow

Final Verdict

If you use good quality fast charger then it should not cause any problem with your phone battery. But you should be careful about heating. Always buy fast chargers from reputed brands.

I hope this article will add some value to your knowledge, If you found this article helpful then please share this and comment on this. Also I suggest you read our article another interesting article on Megapixels Of your phone.

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