iOS 14 review: How It Changes Everything?
iOS 14 review: How It Changes Everything?

Hello friend, Today in this article I am going to tell you How IOS 14 Will affect Facebook Ads. These changes are going to be very very significant that’s why going cover in the article what going to happen in the future? So you can be prepared.
Form the year 2021 apple going to show the users a pop-up and allowing them to restrict data tracking across various apps and websites.
I divide the article into three parts

  1. Problems for the advertisers
  2. Benefit For the User
  3. Pros and Cons OF IOS 14 From User Perspective

How the iOS 14 update will affect Facebook or Instagram Ads

We know that IOS 14 will change everything for the Facebook and Instagram ad. but How? In this section, I will give you full information about those changes.

Tracking Pixel Actions from Facebook ads 

Any kind of tracking such as Purchases or conversions or leads will now be under-reported due to lack of tracking.

Optimizing your Ads 

Because people can opt-out from tracking so Ad optimizations will be more difficult or impossible.

Retargeting ads 

Tracking is not possible on IOS devices So retargeting an IOS 14 user is now impossible for the advertisers.

Building Audiences  

Lack of tracking made it very difficult to create an audience base for your product.

App Installs  

If you are advertising some app on Facebook, You can not optimized or tacked your app on an IOS 14 device.

All these changes will only affect the IOS device, Facebook or Google can still track user data on Android or Desktops. And the IOS users who did not opt-out from tracking.

Is It Only Affects Facebook or Instagram?

Of course not, These changes will affect all advertising platforms like Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube, and even google

With these changes, you can still get the lead from IOs Devices but you won’t be able to track them.

Problems for the advertisers

Traffic Ads 

Ads that are optimized around the Landing pages can be affected with IOS 14, but Ads that optimized for link Click may not be affected.

Conversion Ads 

Ads that are optimized around Custom Conversions or Standard Events will be affected.

App Installs 

when you targeting any iOS platform for your app.

All the mentioned ad types will be affected because the platforms link Facebook, Instagram or google can not track the user’s behavior on any IOS devices.
The other intentions, especially  Lead Generation, will still happen ON Facebook so those activities still can be recorded and followed perfectly.

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So Should You update Your Phone?

Hell yeah, all the problems I mentioned here are for the advertiser angle, from a user perspective these changes will help them to lead a more secure digital life. 

With the new IOS 14, it will give you the ultimate control with the App library and the widgets. On our home screen, our default email or browser apps. All these controls are fantastic on paper. If they did what they say then it will be an incredible update and change your user experience forever.

With the tracking control, iOS 14 causes great enhancements like a picture-in-picture video, translation app, and the facility to change default apps. And while you might see at first, iOS 14 features some of the most significant changes to iPhone’s software in a long time.

Pros and Cons OF IOS 14 From User Perspective


  • You can Change the default apps
  • Widgets are excellent
  • App Library is beautiful
  • Works wonderfully with older IOS devices


  • Downgrading from IOS 14 is very difficult
  • Some of the apps may not be ready for iOS 14
  • Still, there are a few bugs

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