How To Choose The Right Laptop
How To Choose The Right Laptop

Buying a new laptop is not an easy decision. We always get confused with tons of information that we collect from the internet. So we decided to help you to answer your question How To Choose The Right Laptop?. In this article, we cover the most important component that you should understand about any laptop or desktop. We are going to answer all the basic questions that pop up in your head when you go to buy a new computer. I hope you enjoy the article about buying a laptop computer guide and gaining some knowledge of computers in general.

How To Choose The Right Laptop?

The first question you should ask yourself is why you want a new laptop? What is the purpose of this new device? what are you going to do whit a laptop? Do you really need a new Device? What things to consider when buying a laptop? how to shop for a laptop?

In this article, I hope you will get all the answers.

Laptop VS Desktop

You need to identify the purpose of buying. Let me describe it then you will know Why I am saying this? 

Desktop Pros and Cons


  • Cheap and best
  • Upgradable


  • Expensive
  • Non-Upgradable(Most Of the Time)

The main advantage of a desktop is its price. Desktops are always good for work or gaming but you can not take them with you. You can upgrade a desktop as you want but you can not do that with a laptop. Desktops give you far better performance than a laptop with a configuration.

Laptop Pros and Cons


  • Flexibility
  • Portable


  • You are stuck with one place
  • Non-Portable.

Laptops are always more expensive than desktops. The laptop gives you flexibility and an extended time period with its battery backup. Laptops offer you portability, if you have internet and power then practically you can work from anywhere. Some Laptops are upgradable but most of the low range is not. Also, you can not upgrade a laptop as you want. 

Our Verdict

Again you may get confused right? Let me clarify this for you. 

  • If you want flexibility and portability then go for a laptop. Laptops are good portable devices that you can carry with you anywhere. So practically you can be anywhere in the world still you have all your work document with you. Especially if you are doing work from home then laptops are perfect for you.

  • If you want the same performance but do not want to spend the same amount of money. Then desktops are best for you. Also if you spend the same amount then you will get a better PC and of course, you can upgrade them as you want.

Read the whole article you will understand what things to look for on a laptop or desktop. Also, you come to know what features of a good laptop or desktop are good and what are not.


Whether you buy a laptop or a desktop you need a good processor. But the main question is how much good is enough for your requirement?. If you only use the laptop for writing, printing, or to do some minor work. Then obviously you do not need a very powerful processor. Of course, you can buy if money is not a problem for you. Because the more powerful your processor is the more money you need to spend.

AMD or Intel

Let’s not give you any unnecessary information and try to give a to-the-point answer to this question.
If you buy a laptop under 20000 then you should consider the AMD processors. Because within this price range AMD gives you more power. However, Intel’s processors are also good but they are expensive.

For better Understanding: AMD Ryzen vs Intel Processors

Core i3 or Core i5 or Core i7 or Core i9

As we discussed previously, if you buy a laptop above 20000 prices then you must go for intel processors. They are good, they are powerful and they are reliable. Now if you decided to buy a laptop or desktop with an intel processor. Then you need to decide which processor do you really want? Core i3 or Core i5 or Core i7 or more expensive Core i9. 

Currently, for entry-level, the most popular Intel processor is Core i3,i5. Basically, Intel creates these processors for different purposes. So yes the i3<i5 or i5<i7 but that does not mean they are less powerful. It means their purposes are different. Do confuse i3, i7 with generations they are the same and their generation is also different.

What is the meaning of Core i3 or Core i5 or Core i7 or Core i9?

As I told in the previous paragraph that they are not generated. Then you may wonder what it really means by core i3 or core i5 ?. The answer is they are the name of different Intel processors. Each of these processors is powerful and reliable. They have different processing power because Intel makes them do different tasks.

What is the meaning of core in intel processors?

Core means processing power. Let me explain this with the example, we all have one mouth right? Let assume it is a Core. The amount of food we can eat with a mouth is its processing speed.

Now let us assume we have two mouths it becomes dual-core. Different processors have different cores or in our case mouth. So if you have more core or mouths then obviously you can process more food or data. In this way, dual-core, quad-core, or Octa code is created. So I guess you understand the core now. 

With the i3 processor, you will get 2 cores, With i5 you will get  4 cores and with i7 you will get 4-8 cores. So if we can keep aside all these technical aspects and let us jump to the main topic which processor you need or you should choose.  

What Processor You Should Choose?

Let talk to the point, If you do not play HD games or you use your laptop or desktop to run the small application. You do normal browsing or watch videos or films on your laptop. Then you do not need any high-end processor. Your best processor option should be Core i3 processor. Because if you buy Core i5 or Core i7 processor, then processor obviously can do all your work. But you may not be able to use the processor to its full capacity. Also, it will cost you more money. So my advice is you should go for the Core i3 processor.

If you buy a laptop or desktop to play HD games or you are going to do a lot of video editing or run an application like VS code or Android studio then you should never buy Core i3, because I3 does not have that much processing power. In this case, you should buy the Core i5 processor. Core i5 has the capacity to do all this work.

Now if you need more power then go for Core i7 and the most powerful processor available in the market is Core i9. But most of us do not need an i9 processor. Core i9 will be too powerful to use. In most cases, i7 will be enough for us.
Now you are the best person to know about your need. The more work you do the more power you need.

Which Generation Of Processor Do You Need?

The last thing you need to decide when you buy a new laptop, that is processor generation. You may find various generations for each of the processors like Core i3 or i7 or i9. So, let’s assume that you want to buy an i3 processor and you have the options of 1st,2nd, and 3rd generation for the same processor. You may wonder what is the generation and which one you should buy?

Let answer the questions one by one.

What is generation means for processors?

The term Generation indicates that intel made changes to the architecture or functions in the processor. Intel makes small changes in processors, instead of a complete change at once. With every change or update Intel releasees the processors with new generations. So with each generation update, intel enhanced the performance of the processors. 

Which generation you should buy?

Ideally, you should buy the latest generation available in the market. Because you need the best outcome from your spending. But also you need to understand that generation update does not mean a core i3 latest version can work as well as a core i5.

It means you can do the same work with more ease. Also, you should understand that if you go for the latest version of a processor for your laptop or desktop. It will definitely increase your computer’s performance but also it will increase the price. 

RAM(Random Accesses Memory)

The next most important competent of a computer after the processor is RAM. The purpose of a processor is to process your works and give some output. But you need to send the processes to the processor to complete. 

For example, let me explain this with an example, you may open MS Office, listening to songs, and at the same time also doing some coding. So at this time it may look like all the processes are running parallelly but in reality, it is not. But let us not go deep into that.

The process that currently running on the windows needs to bring the task to the processor. RAM stores these processes to a temporary memory place, from where a processor can access the processes more quickly. As the RAM is much faster than the HDD.
So the more RAM you installed on your PC the more speed you get. I would suggest 4GB RAM for normal users and 8GB-16GB for heavy users. Another most important thing about RAM is you should buy DDR4 RAM. They are more energy-efficient and powerful.


In our computers, we mainly use two types of memory Temporary Memory Or RAM and Internal Memory or Hard Disk. Currently, there are two types of Internal Memory available one is called Hard Disk(HDD) and another one is called Solid-state drive (SSD).

Both of these are the same in terms of their work. Both of them store our data in an external space. But the main difference between a traditional HDD and SSD is speed.

SSDs are way faster than any HDD, but they are expensive too. Using an SSD is like using your internal drive. Whereas an HDD is way slower than SSD.
So in simple words, if you can afford then always go for SSD. They are good, reliable, and do the same thing as HDD. But They are much faster. You can buy an external drive for more space. 

Windows Or DOS

Frankly speaking, it really does not matter. But if you buy a DOS or Linux system it will cost you less. After purchase, you can install windows on it. Also if you are a developer then Linux or Ubuntu is the best option for you. As you will get the same configuration with less price.


Lastly, if you are a gamer go for a High-resolution display. Also, consider a graphics card and good sound quality in your laptop speaker. Another important thing you should check before buying any laptop is battery backup.  


Price is the most important aspect for me. So I thought maybe you guys are also interested in a list of laptops according to their price. I have three articles on the price-oriented listing you can visit them

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I hope you get all your answers on how to choose the right laptop before buying your new laptop. I try to answer all common questions of a would-be computer buyer. Always research before buy, read all the reviews, collect as much information as possible. 

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