Best 5G Mid Range Phones in India

Hello guys, today in this article we are going to discuss whats’s the Best 5G Mid-Ranger? That is currently available in India. So we mainly have three 5G mid-range phones on the Indian market Moto G 5g, Mi 10i and the most recent one is Realme X7. All of these phones are priced around the 20000 to 22000 price range. So these phones are almost similar in terms of price.
Because of the same price range, many of us want to know which one is best, in this article I am going to discuss which is the best 5G Mid-Ranger? 

So tighten your seat belt and start reading the article till the end.

What’s Are The Best 5G Mid Range Phones in India? – Comparison Between Mi 10i, Moto G 5g, or Realme X7

Moto G

Moto G 5G

Moto G 5G Phones

  • 6 GB RAM | 128 GB ROM | Expandable up to 1 TB
  • 16.94 cm (6.67 inch) Full HD+ Display
  • 48MP + 8MP + 2MP | 16MP Front Camera
  • 5000 mAh Li-Polymer Battery
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G Processor
  • 20 W Fast Charging

The simple answer is it depends on every individual, but for simplifying the topic I am going to discuss these with these 10 parameters.

  1. Screen Quality
  2. User Interface
  3. Camera Quality 
  4. Speakers
  5. In-Hand feel
  6. Battery Life 
  7. Charging Time
  8. Memory Management
  9. Storage
  10. 5G Bands

I let you know which phone performs best in each of these sections and then you can easily decide what device is best for you. Because every individual’s requirement is different from another. So let us find out Mi 10i, Moto G 5g, or Realme X7 Which One Is The Best 5G Mid Range phone in India?

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Mi 10i

Mi 10i

Mi 10i 5G Phone

  • 108 MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP | 16 MP front camera
  • Snapdragon 750G
  • 6.67-inch FHD+ with 120Hz refresh rate
  • 4820 mAh battery with 33W fast charger .
  • 6GB/8GB RAM | 128GB storage
  • ₹21,999.00/₹23,999.00

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Screen Quality

Realme X7

Realme X7

Realme X7

Realme X7 5G Phone

  • AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rate
  • 6 GB RAM, 128 GB ROM
  • 16.33 cm (6.43 inch) Full HD+ Display
  • 64MP + 8MP + 2MP, 16MP Front Camera
  • 4310 mAh Lithium-polymer Battery
  • MediaTek Dimensity 800U Processor
  • ₹19,999.00

Mi 10i

Let’s just talk first about the Mi 10i, It IPS LCD screen and in terms of screen quality, I would like to say that it comes second. It supports a 120 Hz screen, and it performs slightly better than the Moto G 5G in terms of viewing angle, also the contrast level is better on Mi 10i.

Moto G 5G

In my opinion, Moto G 5G comes in the 3rd position in terms of screen quality. It does have an excellent screen, but among these three it comes last.

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User Interface

The next category in our article is User Interface. Here I am going to worst to best, The first phone on the list is the worst 5G phone among these three phones.

Mi 10i

In my opinion, the Mi 10i has the worst user interface among these three phones. This phone comes with the Mi 12, and yes we don’t see full-page ads or stuff like that but still, I do find the user interface that much refined. It has some app that constantly pushes you notifications to install these or that app. It is too much irritating for me. So for me, the user interface on Mi 10i is the worst.

Realme X7

Realme X7 would be the second-best among these three 5G phones. I have to admit that Realme has improved the UI, it is very much closer to the stock android experience. In fact dialer and messing app are from the stock android. So they got improved their UI. The only issue that I have with Realme X7, is its built-in browser that sends lots of unnecessary notifications to the user. You can disable it but still, it annoyed me.

Moto G 5G

Moto G 5G is the clear winner in this section, the user interface is almost the same as a stock android with some small Motorolla apps. The good thing is these apps do not send you unnecessary app notifications or messages. So you experience a very clean user interface with Moto G 5G.

Camera Quality

The next category in our article is Camera Quality. Cameras have become very important nowadays. With every year we have some good improvement in camera quality, here also I start with the worst and end with the best.

Moto G 5G

Moto G 5G has the worst camera between these phones. Don’t get me wrong, Moto G does have a good camera, but the picture quality is far better with the other two phones. Moto definitely needs works on the picture quality.

Realme X7

Realme X7 has the second-best camera on this list.

Mi 10i

The best camera award goes to the Mi 10i, the image quality is simply the best with Mi 10i. I do not go into the details, and not comparing the phones with the megapixel count. But if you keep the pictures side by side Mi 10i simply wins the race.

Speakers Quality

Now let’s talk about the speakers, here also I start with the worst and end with the best.

Realme X7

In this category Realme X7 won the worst speakers award. It only has a single speaker and the sound quality is not good. Also, a major disappointment for me is they do not have a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Though you get dongle in the box.

Moto G 5G

Moto G 5G comes second in terms of sound quality. It also has a single speaker but the speaker is loud enough. Also, it does have a 3.5 mm headphone jack. 

Mi 10i

The best phone in this section is the Mi 10i, The simple reason is it has a stereo speaker and a 3,5 mm jack. The stereo speaker is making the sound quality far better than the other two.

In-Hand feel

The next category in our article is In-Hand feel. I have a very mixed result on this section. In fact, Moto G and Mi 10i are very close to each other in terms of in-hand feel. Mi 10i is relatively heavy with a 214-gram weight. Even after 1wk usage, I do feel the weight. So it gets the last position on my list. But the good thing is with Mi 10i you get the gorilla glass at the back as well.  The next one is Moto G 5G, which is just 2 grams less than the Mi 10i, that is why I say they are almost the same. Lastly, the best phone is Realme X7.
Realme X7 has a slightly small screen and a lot less weight, So this feels very comfortable on your hand. Both Motorolla and Realme have plastic at the backside.

Battery Life

Next is Battery Life, and I will be very transparent with you that all of these three 5g phones perform very well in terms of battery. All three phones will last a day in normal usage. All of the phones are the same in the battery. But if I need to rank them I would like to give the first position to the Moto G 5G, it has 5000 mah battery that performs very well and best in my opinion. The 2nd position goes to Mi 10i and the last is Realme X7. But remember all of them are the same and working fine.

Charging Time

Now let us talk about the charging time, all three phones support fast charging. I would like to from worst to best in this section.

Moto G 5G

In my opinion, Moto G is the worst phone in this category because it supports only 20 wats fast charging. So it takes a lot of time to fully charged. 

Mi 10i

The 2nd best phone is the Mi 10i, it comes with a 33 wat fast charger and it makes a great difference. 

Realme X7

The fastest phone is the Real[me X7, with 50 wats fast charging. It takes only 45 min to fully charge.

Memory Management

Now I would like to talk about Memory Management, this is one of the most important things on the smartphone, especially when you have a custom UI. You may have 6GB or 8Gb of RAM, but if the memory management is good on your phones you may face lagging problems now and then.

Mi 10i

Let us start the list with Mi 10i, and I think it has the worst memory management among these phones. Most of the time the app I am using is just removed from the memory, and when I come back to the app it restarts the app. Especially with Facebook and youtube, I face the problem most of the time.

Realme X7

The second position would be the Realme X7. They are way better than the Mi 10i in terms of memory management. 

Moto G 5G

The 1st position would be the Moto G 5G. Though it has only 6GB RAM, still, it performs way better than the other two phones. That’s because of its stock android.

Storage Management

Now I would like to talk about Storage Management, this is another important part of any smartphone. Here I have tied on Moto G 5G and Mi 10i, they both are the same in storage management, and the last place would be the Realme X7. All of them come with 128 GB of memory. Both Moto G 5G and Mi 10i come with a microSD card slot, However, Realme does not provide any extra memory slot. So you are kind of stuck with the storage.

5G Bands

The last thing is the 5G band, All of these three phones claimed to be 5G phones. But the important thing that we need to understand that how many 5G bands are actually supported. I will explain later what is 5G and 5G bands are. But for now, just understand that Mi 10i is the worst in terms of the 5G band because it only supports 2 5G bands. The next phone supports four 5G bands, and the name of the phone is Realme X7. Lastly, the best phone is Moto G 5G with a huge margin, It supports 10 5g Bands. In fact, it supports so many bands that I can easily say that whenever 5G comes to India, it will support Moto G 5G.

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