Finally, the stable version of the Android 11 update is officially here. In Android 11 the looks and feel are almost the same as Android 10. But there are many small changes made in the new Android 11. 

New Features Of Android 11

Background of Android 11

Officially Android 10 is now an old version of Android. Currently, it may not have a 10% mobile share but the new Android 11 is officially here with some old and new features.
The first version of the Android 11 developer preview comes in February and then google launched the fourth developer version on 6th May.

Release Date Of Android 11

The official release date of Android 11 is 8th September 2020. Though currently, this new Android version is available on Pixel devices and some other manufacturers also get this new update. But for normal users, they have to wait a little bit more to get this update on their phone.

Phone Eligible For New Android 11 Update

  1. Google Pixel 2 / 2 XL.
  2. Google Pixel 3 / 3 XL.
  3. Google Pixel 3a / 3a XL.
  4. Google Pixel 4 / 4 XL.
  5. OnePlus 8 / 8 Pro.
  6. Xiaomi Mi 10 / Mi 10 Pro.

Currently, only these phones will get this new OS update. We will also update this list when more phones officially join the tally. Till then you may share this article with your friends. So they also know about Android 11 and you will get a new OS update more quickly. Jokes apart, I hope we all get this new update soon.

Features Of New Android 11

By now you all may get excited to know what are the updates on Android 11. But first, let me disappoint you a bit. You will not get a completely new OS with Android 11. You may think of it as an upgraded version of Android 10. It has some old Android 10 features and some cool new features. So tighten your seat belt and let’s start.

New Chat bubbles in Android 11

The first new feature that Google has added in Android 11 is the Chat Bubble. Now you may wonder what is a chat bubble? So let me explain. Did you remember facebook messenger ? in which chats come as bubbles. Whenever any message comes in your messenger it automatically becomes a bubble on your screen. Then you can keep the bubble or remove the bubble whatever you like. Now in Android 11, almost all messaging apps will have bubble support. So not only the Facebook messenger but also message or WhatsApp or any other messaging will run side by side as a bubble. You can now do all your conversation through bubbles. I think we are going to love this new feature. Different notifications will be grouped as bubbles and also you can identify whether this app supports bubbles or not. So maintaining a conversation will become more easy and flexible.

Conversation notifications in Android 11

The next good change in Android 11 is notifications. Sometimes these notifications annoyed us so much. But the new Android 11 notification section is becoming smarter. Now we can see the notification in grouped. Let me explain, Say we have one notification on twitter, one in Whatsapp, and one on Facebook. The new android os will understand that all these notifications are conversations and it will group them in a conversation tag. So you can easily check all of them. You can also prioritize your notification groups and according to your priority, you can make them silent, default, or give them a priority tag. So you will never miss your important notifications. So overall notification management becomes more efficient and easy.

Notification History in Android 11

Now we have a notification history in the new Android OS. It will be very useful for many of us. Sometimes we started swiping unimportant notifications and by accident, we also swiped an important one. So now with the new notification history feature, we can recall that important notification.

Redesign Of Power Button in Android 11

The next interesting change we will see is the power menu. Google has redesigned the power menu options. Previously when we long-press the power button it will show us power off or restart or mode changes or lock options. But now with the new android 11 update, with those previous options, you will also get smart payment options. Your favorite cards from google play will show on this menu. Also if we are traveling and we booked some ticket or hotel it will show here. Another cool update is we will have some options to control our smart home lights or other smart home devices. So now the look and feel of the power button are enhanced.

Screen recorder in Android 11

With the new android 11, we will get a very useful new feature called screen recording. On this new android os, we do not need any third-party app for screen recording. Google has given us a built-in screen recording facility. This feature will help android developers or online content creators. They can now easily record their screen and use them. So it makes their life a bit easy. By not using any third party app also increases the phone’s security. However, these built-in screen recorders are very simple and only do basic jobs. So if you need a featured recorder you still need a third-party app. But for basic use, this app is good to go.

Permissions in Android 11

A new important feature in our list is permissions. Nowadays privacy has become the most important aspect of everything. In this era, you can not compromise with your privacy. You should know which app using which data of yours. You should know everything they are doing with your data. Also, it’s not a secret anymore that Google was criticized for its negligence towards the user’s data security. So with the new Android 11, Google is trying to fix that.

Now if you do not want to give permission forever to any app you can do that. Now you can give one-time permission to any app. So after using the app, you can revoke the permission. Another good update is if you installed an app but not using it for a long time then all the permissions given to that app will automatically be revoked by the OS. So next time when you open the app again it will take your permission.

Media controls in Android 11

Next change you can notice on media controls. Now we control your audio setting with just one click. Previously on Android 10, when we play music player it will show on top notification area as a notification. But on android 11 this area is now reserved for conversations. So Google has shifted the music player to the Quick setting section. So the look is enhanced a bit. Now you can control from where the audio is coming. For example, audio may come from your Bluetooth device or your smart device or phone’s speaker. So controlling various audio devices becomes easier and efficient. You will get your complete media control on quick titles, which is great in my opinion.

Share Menu Options in Android 11

The current share menu on android is a little mess. Google has now improved it with this new OS. Previously on Android 10, you could not choose your share menu apps. So you are kind of stuck with some predefined apps selected by the android system. But now you can choose your favorite apps to share your files. You can pin your favorite sharing app in one share sheet. It makes the whole sharing experience better. You do not need to find your best sharing app. So now the power to choose your favorite app to share is in your hand. This is a welcome change done by google.

 Voice Access More Efficient in Android 11

Voice accessibility in new Android 11 is becoming more efficient. Though voice assistance is already available in older android versions. But now it is far more efficient than older versions. So now it becomes easier to control your phone over voice.

However, it will impact a minority of Android users. But still, it is a good improvement from google’s side. It shows how Google is working to make accessibility on android OS more efficient.

App Suggestions in Android 11

This awesome feature is currently available only on Pixel phones. But we hope soon it will be available on other phones too. With this new feature google, AI will understand your usage and it will show you five of them on your home screen. Google AI will show you an app according to your use at any particular time of day. 

So now the apps on your home screen will constantly change. Of Course, google will allow us to turn this service on or off, also we can skip some apps. Unfortunately, now this feature needs a Pixel loader to work. So it will not be available for now on other mobile manufacturers. But hopefully, google or others may find a way to work with it.

Updates Via Play Store

The last feature we want to add on this list is the update of OS. Now when Google updates any feature or anything on the android version, we either need to wait for our phone manufacturer or carrier to make it available for us. Sometimes the updates will be late. 

So to correct this now google made the os update available through the play store. This feature allows users and google to buy the carriers. So now you can get any new android update via the play store. This is a very good chance for common users because it will reduce their dependence on carriers or manufacturers. Users will get all new android updates even when the original manufacturer abandons a particular model.

3 Bonus Feature Of New Android 11

Three more features I need to add to this list. These are not that great features, also they may not impact you heavily. But still, they are good to have on your phone. So I decided to add these features on a different list.

Back gesture sensitivity

On android 10 you can replace your back button with swiping in from the edge. This feature is still available on android 11. But now you can control the sensitivity of this gesture. NOw you can adjust these gestures according to your wish.

Dark mode scheduling

The dark mode is already available on older android versions. This is not a new feature. But previously you could switch it on or off. On the new android 11, now you can schedule its timings. You can set it with sunrise and sunset. Additionally, you can also customize your scheduling.

Android Auto Update

These updates may not be that useful for everyone. But still, I thought I should include these on this list. Android auto is a useful system, but it requires your phone to be plugged in. Which is annoying for many of you. Previously only Pixel phones can connect wirelessly with it. But you know, every one of us can not afford a Pixel. With the new android 11 now every android phone can connect with android auto wirelessly.


Android OS is stabilized by Google over the years. Now it is a mature OS. Google further enhances its features and makes it more efficient with Android 11. Though currently, Android 11 is available only for smartphones. But hopefully, it will get the required momentum soon and will be available for all new and old android devices.

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